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We have been (individually) building and helping others design and build products that make sense, that contribute and that are loved for decades. Now we have gotten together to help you do the same.

Why work with us?

Decades of Experience

All of us at Untangled Start have worked in various industries, managed multiple functions and have an average core entrepreneurial experience of 10 years.

Short programs

Unlike months-long programs, our programs are of a few days, which means you can get to the business of building your business much sooner.

Quick solutions

When you have a week to develop a prototype, or a wire-frame or a go-to-market strategy, there’s not much time to waste or while.

Everything You’ll Need

Unlike other programs, the knowledge and the tools we provide are just the right ones and amount to help you cross your specific problems.

Designed with a purpose

Each program that we run has one purpose – to get you over the immediate hurdle and to enable to continue doing just that.

Post Program Support

You will have access to our trainers and when we launch our knowledge base, you’ll have free life-time access to it as well.

25years of experience
55projects completed
85programs conducted
2100individuals trained

Our Programs

Product Design

Great companies are built on great products – Elon Musk

The longest of our workshop (five full days) breaks down your product design, just so that you can put it back together in a way that it doesn’t look like it was made by Victor Frankenstein.

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The early bird catches the worm and has time to catch one more – Ravi Warrier

If you don’t know where you are going, you pretty much are lost. Get to know where your customers are, how they like to be served and what would motivate them to buy, use and love your product.

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Growth Hacks

Growth hacking is the future of marketing. It has to be – Ryan Holiday

In their quest to scale, most startups forget to breathe. That’s not sustainable. Learn and apply growth hacks that help you grow your business in a way it needs to grow.

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